Enemy Planes Above Us

Under Attack...

   England 1940. Amid the terrifying ruins, a brave young girl carries on through the horror unfolding all around her, as the full might of the Third Reich prepares it's assault upon her beloved island.
   This is the story of how an ordinary citizen was caught up in events beyond her youthful grasp. Yet she, her family, her neighbors, and her nation courageously faced these overwhelming challenges with perseverance.
   The moment was dark indeed, particularly for this school girl, and countless others, who watched as their homes, and nation, were systematically destroyed night and day by the ruthless foe from across the channel. Throughout these sleepless nights, Anne DeLacey carried the images of this destruction as her constant companion.
   Yet in spite of the carnage, she emerged steadfast from the rubble, and, with renewed vigor, lives on to tell her tale in Enemy Planes Above Us.

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